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Kathy Thornton ’13

Date: February 05, 2013
Chesapeake Semester graduate and CES Intern Kathy Thornton discusses where she’s been and what she hopes to learn.

“The Chesapeake Semester really opened me up to the world. It not only opened doors and forged valuable connections, but it also transformed me and how I think. Everything I learned and every memory made during the Chesapeake Semester applies to my everyday life and it is something I will never forget. Since the semester, I maintain the mentality that if there is something that intimidates me or seems unlike me, I should at least try it because I think we learn the most when we go outside our comfort zone to embrace new things within reason. I learned to remember the amazing parts in life and when things get overwhelming or you are just plain tired to think back to those times and know that it is all worth it. I think one of the most valuable skills that I learned was to look at the world with a constant curiosity knowing that asking questions will teach you more than just getting answers.

I am starting to write my thesis on the environmental history of Chestertown and the Chester River. Inspired by the interdisciplinary nature of the Chesapeake Semester, I hope to integrate my love for the environment, history, and the Chesapeake culture. “

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