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The Pegasus

January 31, 2013
Progress on the Pegasus

Working on the Pegasus is not what I originally expected. I knew when I took the job that we would be working entirely online and that sounded really exciting. I’m still excited about what we’re working on, but initially it was overwhelming.

Finding out who to contact for various things and then getting a hold of them has definitely been the biggest challenge for me at this point. There is so much that goes on at WAC, and we don’t want anything to be left out, so finding out who does what and who is in charge has been exhausting. Tracking people down is probably the hardest part of my job.

It also never occurred to me how long it takes to write emails. I’m starting to consider myself a professional emailer at this point. There is a lot more that goes into sending an effective email than I used to believe. When I’m sending out mass emails to 1,400 people, I have to pay close attention to what I’m writing so that I make sure that all of the necessary information is in that first email. If it isn’t, I know I’m going to get several hundred back, all asking the same question.

So far, everyone at WAC - staff, students, faculty - has been really helpful in getting us the information that we need. Our main goal with this is to ensure that anything that anyone could possibly want to remember about this year, any experience had, gets remembered. I’m really grateful, especially for the faculty and college staff, for all the help they’ve given us. The favors we’ve had to ask have been a royal pain for some people and I’m sure the Registrar’s Office is tired of hearing from us by now, but everyone has truly been fantastic.

I’m most excited to get through the phase of hoarding information so that we can start working on the creative stuff. We’re going to try to incorporate the Class of 2013’s chosen theme – The Waterfront – into the Pegasus as much as possible. Overall, we really just want to make sure that this year is memorialized the way that it should be.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or information they would like to share, please email us at


-Rebecca Winterburn

Editor and Project Manager


Jeremy Quintin


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