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Big Finish at Dad Vail

May 14, 2019

The Shoremen take second in the men’s collegiate quad and win the petite final in the frosh/novice four.

Rowing coach Scott Wisniewski with his varsity four at the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia.Rowing coach Scott Wisniewski with his varsity four at the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. Credit: JEDDISKOCH@YAHOO.COMA second-place finish in the final of the men’s collegiate quad and a dominant performance in the petite final of the men’s frosh/novice four highlighted the Washington College men’s rowing team’s efforts at the Dad Vail Regatta, held last weekend on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.


How It Happened
- The Shoremen entered two boats in the men’s collegiate quad and the “A” and “B” boats finished third and fourth, respectively, in the first heat. The “A” boat finished in 8:00.235 to advance to the final, while the “B” boat finished in 9:17.011. Mercyhurst won the heat in 7:35.131, while Iona was second in 7:46.930.
- The Shoremen’s “A” quad then took second in the final in 6:25.534, finishing behind only Mercyhurst (6:17.217). Fairfield was third in 6:35.869, Ohio State fourth in 6:45.334, and Iona fifth in 6:47.041. 
- The Shoremen’s novice four turned in the eighth-fastest time (and second-fastest among boats from Division III schools) in a 21-crew time trial to advance to the semifinals, completing the course in 7:02.978.
- The Shoremen’s novice four was then third in a semifinal in 7:53.254 to advance to the petite final. The Shoremen narrowly missed a spot in the grand final, finishing less than one second behind second-place Temple (7:52.442) in the semifinal. Michigan won the semifinal in 7:45.572. Fordham (8:13.762), Clarkson (8:16.615), and Alabama (8:33.963) rounded out the semifinal.
- The Shoremen’s novices won the petite final by over 12.5 seconds, posting a winning time of 6:57.987. Ohio State was second in 7:10.502, Case Western Reserve third in 7:13.949, Fordham fourth in 7:14.164, Wentworth Tech fifth in 7:17.354, and Maryland sixth in 7:18.609.
Nate Bonsib finished fifth in his heat of the men’s collegiate single in 11:04.500 to advance to the third-level final. Michael Landuyt of RPI won the heat in 7:57.997, followed by Thomas Markewich of Brock in 8:05.115, Thomas Johnson of VCU in 8:08.139, Matthew Zachary of William & Mary in 10.03.432, Bonsib, and Emanuel Mouganis of Gordon in 12:17.869.
- Bonsib was second in the third-level final of the men’s collegiate single in 8:36.209. Georgia’s Grant Lanser won the race in 7:28.434, while Mouganis was third in 9:44.540.

Shoremen Boat Lineups
Frosh/Novice Four: Jack Lee (coxswain), Sean Curry (stroke), Max Moore (three), David Pitts (two), Ross Douglas (bow)
Quad “A”: Brook Yimer (stroke), Charlie Snyder (three), Evan Koch (two), Lee Potter (bow)
Quad “B”: Ian Parks (stroke), Ben Masclans (three), Eric Botti (two), Jack Maher (bow)
Single: Bonsib


— courtesy of Washington College Athletics 

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