Michael Harvey, Associate Professor, Business Management

  • Sultana
May 10, 2019
“Part of the fun is a clash between rebels and redcoats…where the patriots board the Sultana and…throw its cargo of tea overboard.”

For me, the Chester River means Tea Party and our annual tradition of tossing tea—and redcoats—off a sail ship into the river. This happens every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day, as part of our town’s biggest celebration. Tens of thousands of people come to Chesterton to experience and explore its colonial history, to walk the streets and see the old houses, to see a parade, and to have a lot of fun.

Part of the fun is a clash between rebels and redcoats that makes its way down High Street, all the way to the river, where the patriots board the Sultana, our town’s great replica 18th-century schooner, and, in an act of defiance inspired by the Boston Tea Party of 1774, throw its cargo of tea overboard. The red-coated soldiers guarding the tea, naturally, follow it into the river. In the end, everyone shares a laugh, a tea (or something stronger), and a sense of connection to Chestertown’s history. It’s a great day to experience the Chester.

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