Sophmore/Junior Reading

  • MacKenzie Brady starting the reading off
    MacKenzie Brady starting the reading off
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Rachel Chambers
    Rachel Chambers
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Lonessa Reupertus
    Lonessa Reupertus
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Gabby Rente
    Gabby Rente
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Nicole Hatfield
    Nicole Hatfield
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Julia Manaraze
    Julia Manaraze
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Justin Nash
    Justin Nash
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Mary Sprague
    Mary Sprague
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Megan Walsh
    Megan Walsh
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Natasha Slaby
    Natasha Slaby
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Saoirse Reads
    Saoirse Reads
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Tamia Williams
    Tamia Williams
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Abby Wargo
    Abby Wargo
    Kathryn Bedard
  • Victoria Gill
    Victoria Gill
    Kathryn Bedard
March 01, 2019
     On Feb. 21, 2019, fourteen Sophomore and Juniors read their own work at the Rose O’Neill Literary House

The writers showcased their original poetry, short fiction, nonfiction essays, and other literary works. Thanks to the Writers Union, the event that had not been held in years, was once again a huge success.


Sophomores who read include: MacKenzie Brady, Rachel Chambers, Victoria Gill, Nicole Hatfield, Julia Manaraze, Justin Nash, Lonessa Reupertus, Natasha Slaby, Megan Walsh, and Tamia Williams.


Juniors who read include: Gabby Rente, Saoirse, Mary Sprague, and Abby Wargo.

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