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Cherry Tree

A National Literary Journal

Issue 5: The Line-up!

Date: November 08, 2018
We received so many fantastic poems, short stories, and essays during this last reading period. We have made all of our final decisions and responded to all submitters. Now we want to share our official list of contributors for Issue 5!


  • Lauren K. Alleyne
  • Aldo Ampar├ín
  • Alyse Bensel
  • Tommye Blount
  • Alan Chazaro
  • Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
  • Oliver de la Paz
  • Denise Duhamel
  • Alicia Mountain
  • Miguel Murphy
  • Kevin Prufer
  • Dean Rader
  • Nancy Reddy
  • Phoebe Reeves
  • Aaron Smith
  • Alison Stine
  • Matthew Thorburn
  • Maureen Thorson
  • Milla van der Have
  • Patrick Whitfill
  • Claire Yoo


  • Kevin Clouther
  • Catherine Edmunds
  • Kyle Hemmings
  • Ben Loory
  • Scott Ragland


  • Brooke Champagne
  • Kelly Dulaney
  • Joanna Gordon
  • Jane Kim
  • Suvi Mahonen
  • Kelly Garriott Waite
  • Joanna White


  • E. Kristin Anderson
  • John Andrews
  • Matthew James Babcock
  • Justin Bigos
  • Emily Cinquemani
  • Stevie Edwards
  • Kate Gaskin
  • Lucas Jacob
  • Sally J. Johnson
  • Andy Powell


Thank you to our fantastic student screeners: Allison Billmire, MacKenzie Brady, Samantha Clark, Mary Golden, Emily Holt, Emily Kreider, Justin Nash, Shannon Neal, Catalina Righter, Lonessa Rupertus, Saoirse, Brooke Schultz, Catherine Shaw, Lauren Souder, and Alexandra Weiss. Thank you as well to our fabulous senior readers in poetry: Julia Armstrong and Alex Vidiani; in fiction: Sarah Blackman and Elise Gallagher; and in nonfiction: Elise Gallagher (again!). And a huge round of applause for our Poetry Editor James Allen Hall (who is also our Editor-in-Chief), our Fiction Editor Roy Kesey, our Creative Nonfiction Editor Emma Sovich, and our brand-new Literary Shade Editor Kimberly Quiogue Andrews. Issue 5 is only possible because all of the hours of work that you each do for Cherry Tree.

The issue is now being laid out by our Production Intern Justin Nash (who also doubled as a nonfiction screener). Proofs will be sent out to all contributors in late December or early January. Issue 5 is scheduled for release on February 15, 2019, and then it will debut at the 2019 AWP Conference in Portland at the end of March. So if you do not have a current subscription, now is the perfect time to remedy that! Buy a subscription for yourself or as a holiday gift for a dear friend. Just subscribe! And you can do that here.

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