A New Biography of Pamela Colman Smith

  • The cover of Pamela Colman Smith: The Untold Story
    The cover of Pamela Colman Smith: The Untold Story
  • Dr. Elizabeth Foley O'Connor
    Dr. Elizabeth Foley O'Connor
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August 15, 2018
“In addition to being an illustrator, she was a stage designer, poet, publisher, storyteller, folklorist, and suffragette.”

Pamela Colman Smith: The Untold Story
is a new illustrated biography detailing the life of the creator of the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck. The book was written and compiled by Stuart R. Kaplan, Mary K. Greer, Melinda Boyd Parsons, and Washington College’s very own Dr. Elizabeth Foley O’Connor.

“…tarot is an important part of her career and her life and her writing, but I think she’s a great figure for this moment in the early 20th century because she was so ahead of her time. Her life is an amazing example of everything that’s percolating now, be it gender equality, race and identity — and really trying to thrive and push yourself into male spaces.”


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