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FBBO Spring 2018 Top Ten

Date: July 23, 2018
Our spring banding season data has all been entered and submitted to the federal Bird Banding Lab.  As our Fall season approaches, here is a look back at our Spring 2018 season.


Our 2018 spring migration season ran from March 1st through May 31st and nets were opened on 84 days for a total of 33,399 hours.  In total, staff, interns and volunteers banded 4,391 birds of 110 species.  We also recaptured an additional 2360 birds that were previously banded.

Here are the top ten most frequently banded species from spring 2018:


10. Song Sparrow (81) 

9. Brown-headed Cowbird (99) 

8. Indigo Bunting (101) 

7. Northern Cardinal (117) 

6. Swamp Sparrow (123) 

5. White-throated Sparrow (296) 

4. American Goldfinch (327) 

3. Gray Catbird (465) 

2. Red-winged Blackbird (536) 

1. Common Yellowthroat (649)


Highlights of the season included two foreign retraps, birds banded elsewhere by other banders.  On May 5, 2018 we netted a Gray Catbird that had been banded as a hatch year bird on July 16, 2018 in Somerset County New Jersery.  On May 12, 2018, we captured a female Common Yellowthroat that had been banded September 30, 2014 at Kiawah Island banding station in South Carolina.  The station’s first Northern Harrier in April and a Fish Crow in May,

We also hosted 121 people in 37 demonstrations including bird clubs, ShoreRivers volunteers, residents of Heron Point and other upper shore locals.

Staff this spring inclded FBBO director Jim Gruber, bander Maren Gimpel and seaonal bander Nancy Raginski.  Washington College interns were Nathan Simmons ’18, Larisa Oshewsky ’20 and Kerrigan Buck ’19.  Our dedicated volunteers included Erin Betancourt, Janet Christensen-Lewis, Jeannine Fleagle, Michael Gamble, Mike Hudson ’18, Daniel Irons, Jonathan Irons, Lauren Michael, Anne O’Connor, Brennan O’Connor, Jerald Reb, Hanson Robbins, Danielle Simmons.  These volunteers donated 832 hours of their time.

For daily updates and photos from our banding program, follow us on social media.



 Our Fall 2018 season starts on August 1st, we hope you’ll be following along.

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