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FBBO Fall 2017 Top Ten

Date: February 12, 2018
With the banding data entered and the numbers tallied, we are pleased to announce the top ten species banding during our fall migration banding season.


The fall migration banding season stretches from August 1st through November 30th each year. It’s a long four months that begins with steamy hot summer days and ends with the biting chill of winter.  In total, the staff, interns and volunteers banded 9,147 birds of 123 species.  Here are the top ten species banded during fall 2017


10. Hermit Thursh (242)

9.   Yellow-rumped Warbler (246)

8.   Slate-colored Junco (262)

7.  Indigo Bunting (288)

6.  Swamp Sparrow (395)

5.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet (495)

4.  Common Yellowthroat (550)

3.  Gray Catbird (551)

2.  Song Sparrow (1,036)

1.  White-throated Sparrow (1,463)


Highlights of the season including banding our first ever Great Blue Heron, our 3rd Barred Owl and capturing a Song Sparrow that had been banded by he Tadoussac Bird Observatory in Quebec, 700 miles northeast of FBBO.  

Providing big help this fall were our three seasonal bird banders Nancy Raginski, Vicki Morgan and Sarah Groendyk; our two Washington College interns Mike Hudson ’18 and Kayla Lauer ’19. Our dedicated volunteers included Janet Christensen, Daniel and Jonathan Irons, Danielle and Nathan Simmons, Anne and Brennan O’Connor, Erin Betancourt, Hanson Robbins, Jeannine Fleegle, and Kailani Clarke.  These amazing folks donated a total of 1,023 hours during the season!

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