“So, You Want to Submit a Sophie Kerr Portfolio?”

  • The Rose O'Neil Literary House.
    The Rose O'Neil Literary House.
January 30, 2018

     The Rose O’Neill Literary House hosted a seminar for graduating seniors on preparing and submitting Sophie Kerr portfolios. Hosted by English Department Chair Dr. Kate Moncrief and Literary House Director Dr. James Hall, the session covered important details for portfolio submission, such as formatting and presentation. Information was also provided about the selection committee and background on the prize itself. Students were encouraged to submit all forms of literary ability, including plays, songs, academic papers, graphic design work, or examples of editing skills.

     Professors Moncrief and Hall also explained expectations for conduct for all who were entering. Despite the prize’s 63,711 dollar grand total, they stressed that the undergraduate prize is still just that, and that students should not take the results too much to heart.

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