Access and Affordability

  • Bust of George Washington on an outdoor pathway.
    Bust of George Washington on an outdoor pathway.
January 10, 2018
The Forge a Legacy campaign will raise $60 million to ensure Access and Affordability for future students.

Washington College celebrates diversity of thought and experience.


By far, the largest component of our campaign drive is to support scholarships that make our college even more accessible and affordable. This campaign is your opportunity to support future students who wouldn’t have access to a private liberal arts education without your help, and to thereby enrich the Washington College tradition of direct exposure to a diversity of thought and experience. Your contributions will endow scholarship programs to lower costs for new students, and lighten the burden of debt many shoulder. George Washington lamented his own lack of a formal education. He knew a young nation could not succeed without an educated citizenry. This campaign will open doors to students like young George Washington – students with tremendous potential but limited means.





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