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    Type In & Letter Writing Social
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December 11, 2012
Chestertown’s first type-in & letter-writing social … 

Type-in Type-outThis past Friday, which was also the First Friday of December 2012, Literary House Assistant Director Lindsay Lusby and Kent County Librarian Annie Woodall, both Washington College Alumni, organized Chestertown’s first Type-in & Letter Writing Social at Evergrain Bakery. 

The Event was a great success as waves of people showed up to type letters to relatives, poems to themselves or what ever they imagined, using traditional typewriters. 

As Lusby comments, “I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic turnout we had for this first-ever Chestertown event. Honestly, the whole evening was a blur of typing and gluing and letter-writing. The sound of all of those old keys clacking and carriages dinging was such a fantastic noise. I think, by the end of the night, about 75 people of a wide age range had come through our type-in and letter-writing social. The fact that so many people were excited about this strange thing that we were also excited about had to be the best part.”

Type-InIt was a great scene, watching some re-familiarize themselves with the process of having to really hit the keys. It was somewhat like riding a bike after not riding one for 20 years. Slowly the process and mechanics came out of the deep recesses of people memories. For others, it was their first time using a standard typewriter. 

Lusby is a type-writing pro, being quick to teach, lend a hand, and happy to share her art. Many excited questions were asked, many memories were shared, and all had fun. 

“For someone who loves books, writing, and letterpress printing, typewriters seemed a natural progression for me. They are such beautiful machines. When you lift up the hood, you might get the sensation that you are looking at the insides of a small piano that plays letters and words instead of notes and chords.”

This event was presented by Thread Lock Press & Scribbling Glue

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