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Holiday Book Sale

Date: December 10, 2012
This holiday season the Literary House Press is placing several of its titles on sale.

The following Literary House Press books are 50% off from now until Friday, December 21st. 


Here on the Chester - $14.95 ($7.48 sale price)

Here on the ChesterDid the Tea Party really happen? Did George Washington really visit Chestertown? What was it like to celebrate Christmas in Kent County 200 years ago? Compiling the work of 28 Washington College writers, Here On the Chester delves into these questions and more as it looks at the multifaceted history of a town that has become a Maryland treasure, a colonial jewel, and an eccentric’s haven.


Talking Tidewater -  $14.95 ($7.48 sale price)

Talking TidewaterThis anthology selects from contemporary literature to present works. Autobiographical essays in the first section give us intimations of oceans, bays, beaches, islands, and rivers on the imagination, dreams, and self-identity of their authors. The middle section celebrates the human and cultural variety of the region – its customs, traditions, and eccentricities. The final essays examine the malign and accidental forces that threaten the health and wealth of the Bay and survival of the distinctive character and life styles that have inspired and informed the work of generations of literary men and women.


Washington: College at Chester -$49.95 ($24.98 sale price)

Washington: College at the Chester

The College at Chester is a testament to the people and events that shaped a colonial Maryland school into what is arguably among the best small liberal arts and sciences colleges in America today. Through a collection of voices and images, the book tells the coming-of-age story of a small college on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that was distinguished from the very start by its unique connection to George Washington. Founded in 1782 as the first college of the new nation, the “College at Chester” enjoyed the early support of Washington, who gave his name, fifty guineas, and five years of service on the Board of Visitors and Governors. 

To purchase any of these books write to Owen Bailey. And please check out more of what the Literary House Press has to offer at our new site. Happy Holidays!!!


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