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Cherry Tree

A National Literary Journal

Issue 4: The Line-up!

Date: November 08, 2017
Issue 3 was our biggest issue so far. Our upcoming fourth issue is going to be even bigger!


Here’s our final list of contributors for Issue 4 of Cherry Tree:



  • Hussain Ahmed
  • Jan Beatty
  • Nicky Beer
  • Chelsea Dingman
  • Piotr Florczyk
  • Barbara Hamby
  • Leslie Harrison
  • Eleanor Hooker
  • Julie Kane
  • Jenna Le
  • James McCorkle
  • Jessica Murray
  • Alison Pelegrin
  • Ayesha Raees
  • Alan Shapiro
  • SM Stubbs
  • Natalie Young


  • Ron Currie, Jr.
  • Isabelle Hughes
  • Michelle McGurk
  • Lucy Palmer
  • Ellen Davis Sullivan


  • Berry Grass
  • Gillian Haines
  • Rosemary Jones
  • Monica Isabel Restrepo
  • Anya Vostrova
  • Brian Phillip Whalen
  • Annie Julia Wyman


  • Derrick Austin
  • Christopher DeWeese
  • Jenn Leiker
  • Maria Nazos
  • Julie Marie Wade
  • Lesley Wheeler

Thank you to our fantastic student screeners: Allison Billmire, Caroline Harvey, Emily Holt, Jeannie “Saoirse,” Ryan Manning, Catalina Righter, Amy Rohn, Brooke Schultz, Cate Shaw, Hope Watland, Emma Way, and Casey Williams. Thank you as well to our fabulous senior readers in poetry: Julia Armstrong and Alex Vidiani; in fiction: Sarah Blackman and Elise Gallagher; and in nonfiction: Elise Gallagher (again!). And a huge round of applause for our Poetry & Literary Shade Editor James Allen Hall (who is also our Editor-in-Chief), our Fiction Editor Roy Kesey, and our Creative Nonfiction Editor Emma Sovich. Issue 4 is only possible because all of the volunteer work that you all do for Cherry Tree.

The issue is now being laid out by our two-time Production Intern Caroline Harvey. Proofs will be sent out to all contributors in late December or early January. Issue 4 is scheduled for release on February 15, 2018, and then it will debut at the 2018 AWP Conference in Tampa in March. So if you do not have a current subscription, now is the perfect time to remedy that! Buy a subscription for yourself or as a holiday gift for a dear friend. Just subscribe! And you can do that here


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