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Celebrating the 2017 Birthday Ball “Hollywood” Style!

  • Wang Guanpeng at Birthday Ball
    Wang Guanpeng at Birthday Ball
March 01, 2017
Washington College students enjoyed the annual “Birthday Ball” celebrating the birth of founder George Washington on February 25, 2017.

By Zhang Qinxuan

Birthday Ball is one of the most popular events at Washington College. It is always held on the weekend near George Washington’s birthday. For 2017, it was on February 25th. It was the 53rd annual Birthday Ball! Every year, the Ball has different theme; for this year it was “Old Hollywood.” To celebrate the event, students prepare for several weeks, choosing their dresses and suits according to the theme and hold small parties in advance to celebrate it.

This year, students dressed up in old-fashion styles, acting like famous movie stars or just dressing up like a usual party. The ball was held in the Field House of the Johnson Fitness Center. It was decorated like at an old ball but with modern elements. There were old hanging lights, and more colorful, strong spotlights. In line with the “Old Hollywood” theme, there was a red carpet and a replica of the Hollywood sign for students to experience the pleasure of being a superstar.

Students pose under the Hollywood sign.Students pose under the Hollywood sign.

Also, in the ball, there was a variety of foods, and of course a 21+ area with wine and beer. Music and dancing were the main core of the ball. With the lights and the crowded people, the whole dance floor was dark but dazzling. From 8 PM to 12 PM, students enjoyed the pop music, dancing and selfies, of course!

Different from last year, entering the ball became easier. Last year, we needed to reserve a ticket online in advance. But this year, students just used their student IDs to get in. For friends and alumni, they needed to reserve tickets beforehand, but it was cheaper than last year. Also, students didn’t have to be afraid it was too late to go back to their dorms; there was also shuttle to pick them anytime during the night.

For international students, I am sure it was a new experience. All kinds of people get together. Maybe some of them you have never talked to before, but in this night, you have the chance to know everyone. Maybe it’s the first time you join a party, but you don’t need to be shy or hesitant; as soon as you come here, you can enjoy the dance and the atmosphere of the party! When you are at Birthday Ball, you can feel the party culture in America and even more, release yourself!

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