Business Management

Internships Fuel Success

September 14, 2012
Chad Freedman ’10 brought plenty of internship experience to his position at Greenlight Biofuels.

Chad Freedman ’10, an account manager with Greenlight Biofuels, had completed three internships by the time he graduated, developing the knowledge and the skills that made him a very attractive job prospect.  

“I was fortunate to find summer internships that taught me so much about business operations,” says Chad. Those summer internships really got me where I am.” 

After his freshman year, Chad and two of his high school buddies spent the summer working for the general manager of the Chicago Machine, a Major League Lacrosse team. “I learned a lot about marketing and PR, and we had a blast,” says Chad, who played varsity lacrosse with the Shoremen.

As an intern a luxury packaging company in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA, Chad learned the importance of global business connections; in that company where just three people generated $30 million in sales, the CEO spent two weeks of every month in China.

At Gallagher Benefit Services in Philadelphia, Chad proved to be a valuable addition to the insurance brokerage firm, conducting an internal audit of the 25 top salesmen, interviewing the sales force and demonstrating how they could be more effective.

“The internship at Gallagher helped me understand sales in a commercial sense,” Chad says, “and when I interviewed for jobs my preparation was hands-down better than other job candidates because I knew how to ask questions from the employer’s point of view.”


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