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Issue 3: The Line-up!

Date: November 17, 2016
Here’s our final list of contributors for issue 3 of Cherry Tree!


  • Eloisa Amezcua
  • Sarah Blake
  • CL Bledsoe
  • Paul Bone
  • Kim Bridgford
  • Nan Byrne
  • Lauren Camp
  • Doritt Carroll
  • Charlotte Covey
  • Melanie Graham
  • Anna Kelley
  • Shara Lessley
  • Matthew Lippman
  • Raye Hendrix May
  • Damon McLaughlin
  • Erika Meitner
  • Lynn Melnick
  • Michael Mingo
  • Julie L. Moore
  • John A. Nieves
  • Martha Silano
  • Matthew Thorburn
  • Stacey Waite
  • Cody Walker
  • Michael Walsh


  • Michael Chin
  • Stephanie Dickinson
  • R.M. Fradkin
  • Avital Gad-Cykman
  • Dave Housley
  • Ashley Robertson



  • Kate Anger
  • Heidi Czerwiec
  • Tyler Mills
  • Rajiv Mohabir
  • Robert Vivian


Literary Shade:

  • Phillip B. Williams


Thank you to our fantastic student screeners: Nicolas Anstett, Julie Armstrong, Reilly D. Cox, Dylan Hogan, Sarah Mann, Ryan Manning, Meaghan Menzel, Aliya Merhi, Catalina Righter, and Emma Way. Thank you as well to our fabulous senior readers in poetry: Emma Sovich and Alex Vidiani; in fiction: Sarah Blackman and Elise Gallagher; and in nonfiction: Elise Gallagher (again!). And a huge round of applause for our Creative Nonfiction & Literary Shade Editor James Allen Hall (who is also our Editor-in-Chief), our Poetry Editor Jehanne Dubrow, and our Fiction Editor Roy Kesey. Issue 3 is only possible because all of the volunteer work that you all do for Cherry Tree.

The issue is now being laid out by our Production Intern Caroline Harvey. Proofs will be sent out to all contributors in late December. Issue 3 is scheduled for release on February 9, 2017 at the AWP Conference in DC. So if you do not have a current subscription, now is the perfect time to remedy that! Buy a subscription for yourself or as a holiday gift for a dear friend. Just subscribe! And you can do that here



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