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What We’re Reading When We’re Not Reading Your Submissions: Summer Playlist Edition

Date: July 03, 2015
The editorial staff of Cherry Tree share the top book titles on their summer reading lists for 2015, before they all get back to reading submissions for issue 2 in August.

Jehanne Dubrow

1. Made in Detroit (poetry), by Marge Piercy

2. Shells (poetry), by Craig Arnold

3. The Scent of Desire (nonfiction), by Rachel Herz


Lindsay Lusby

1. Hausfrau (fiction), by Jill Alexander Essbaum

2. She Has a Name (poetry), by Kamilah Aisha Moon

3. Bone Map (poetry), by Sara Eliza Johnson


James Allen Hall

1. The Argonauts (nonfiction/autotheory), by Maggie Nelson

2. How To Be Drawn (poetry), by Terrance Hayes

3. Appetite (poetry), by Aaron Smith


Kate Kostelnik

1. The Goldfinch (fiction), by Donna Tartt

2. Creative Writing Pedagogies for the Twenty-First Century (nonfiction/scholarship), edited by Alexandra Peary & Tom C. Hunley

3. Butch Geography (poetry), by Stacey Waite


Owen Bailey

1. Invisible Man (fiction), by Ralph Ellison

2. The Color of Magic (fiction), by Terry Pratchett

3. The Planets (nonfiction), by Dava Sobel


Emma Sovich

1. Mr. West (poetry), by Sarah Blake

2. The Bone and the Body (poetry), by Laura Kochman

3. It Had Been Planned and There Were Guides (fiction), by Jessica Lee Richardson


Alex Vidiani

1. Now That My Father Lies Down Beside Me (poetry), by Stanley Plumly

2. Two Men Fighting with a Knife (poetry), by John Poch

3. Lodgings, Selected Poems (poetry/translation), by Andrzej Sosnowski (translated by Benjamin Paloff)


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