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Educate Through Sports: Gabby Edwards

  • Cristin LaLone
April 24, 2017
Gabby Edwards ‘18 is about more than just competing on the softball field. With a full plate until graduation next year, she looks ahead to medical school in the future.

The New Castle, Delaware native and team captain had a unique admissions process. While touring a different college, she ran into a friend who just completed a tour at Washington College. Edwards was told she had to visit to get a taste of the dining hall. “He told me that I had to check out WAC because they had the best food. A few days later I got a free application to WAC and before I knew it I was on my way to tour the campus,” she told.

Not only is Edwards the first in her family to go to college, she was also awarded the Clifton Miller Scholarship upon her acceptance to WC, an award that just five accepted students receive.

A biology major, Edwards is highly involved at WC off the field and outside of the classroom. Not only is she a softball player, she is also a teaching assistant, a peer tutor, a course mentor, a member of DELTA, and a sister in Alpha Omicron Pi. With her plate full of obligations, Edwards has acquired expertise that will benefit her in the future.

“I have gained so many valuable life skills such as time management, teamwork, and a great work ethic,” she explains. “These are great tools on and off the field - not to mention I have become more dedicated, more passionate, and more determined than ever.”

Edwards makes no excuses when it comes to putting her academics first, making the Deans List every semester since her freshman year and being named to the 2016 Centennial Conference Academic Honor Roll.

“I have never had trouble working hard for my grades because I put school first always, but the rest of my commitments do get trying at times,” Edwards said. “Basically, what I do is schedule my time very carefully to make sure I am doing everything I need to do, when I need to do it.”

From her teammates, to coaches, friends, and professors, Edwards credits her support system for allowing her to have such a full academic and extracurricular life at Washington College. “Everyone wants you to succeed and they’re always willing to help,” she said.

Head Coach Lacey Lister appreciates Edward’s work ethic both on and off the field, even if that means helping out teammates with lab reports.

“Gabby is a very hard working, dedicated athlete both on the field and in the classroom.  She strives to succeed at everything she does,” Lister said. “She is a natural take-charge type of person and she her presence is always felt on our team.  She leads our infield and helps her teammates around her, both on the field and with any science courses.”

Being a captain on the softball team has allowed Edwards to learn what it takes to guide a group of people. “I learned very quickly how essential communication is and that leading by example is the best way to lead,” she said. “The main thing I have learned is that being a captain is not about dictating it is about supporting your team in the best way possible, giving everyone the utmost respect, and holding yourself to the highest standard.”

Edwards will take a gap-year after graduation before taking on medical school. She has received excellent support from the Career Center, allowing her to find job shadowing and internship opportunities along her journey at WC, and now she looks to gain as much as she can from the faculty during her remaining time at WC.

“Washington College understands that employers and graduate schools will expect a lot from us after we leave here and as such they have prepared us accordingly,” she said. “The faculty members are so supportive and full of wisdom. You can go to them with anything and they will help you work it out.”

For any incoming freshman, Edwards explained how working hard from day one and never stopping will give you the most influential experience:

“A college education is such a gift, especially one at Washington College. It is important to take advantage of the opportunities given to you here and make the most of each semester,” she said. “Most of all, always be yourself. Pick a major that you sincerely enjoy and you’ll never be bored. Lastly, treasure the time you have here because, before you know it, your senior year will be right around the corner.”

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