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The Stump: Cherry Tree Out Loud

Date: May 15, 2015
The Stump is a new feature of the Cherry Tree website, where you can listen to audio recordings of contributors reading their work aloud.


Earlier this spring, we decided to ask our inaugural issue contributors to record themselves reading their pieces from the issue for us to post on the Cherry Tree website. Since we are a print-only publication, our editor thought that this would be a wonderful way to share free samples of the issue and for readers to experience that work in a different light. You get to hear the writer’s voice. You get to hear how the writer intended the work to be read. You get feel closer to the writer whose work you admire. 

The Stump is a platform where our fantastic contributors can stand to read their work to a wider web audience. Right now, our Stump line-up is Juliana Gray, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Matthew Lippman, and Pamela Hart. We will add even more recordings in the months to come. Maybe, if you are intrigued enough by the pieces you hear, you will even decide to subscribe to Cherry Tree

So grab a seat by the stump. Dig your toes into the warm grass. Close your eyes. Listen up.


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