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Society For Applied Anthropology Conference 2012

Graduates of the 2011 Chesapeake Semester successfully presented at the 72nd Annual Conference of the Society for Applied Anthropology in Baltimore on “Bays, Boundaries, and Borders.” In attendance were Ashley Burdette, Zach Hall, Joseph Hemphill, Brendyn Meisinger, Zoe Newell, Kelly Kunsch, Rettie Duke, and Jeffery Sullivan.Each of the eight presentations was inspired by group final projects completed last fall. At the start of the fall’s Chesapeake Semester, students were divided into two groups addressing separate “umbrella” topics. Working within their respective groups they developed focus and individual research tracks supporting their assigned group topic. The first group developed research around the connection between “waterscapes and landscapes.” The second group tackled “Edges,” exploring the notion that the edge is the farthest point from the center.