Landscape Ecology

Tyler Brice ’13, Hannah O’Malley ’12, and Brendyn Meisinger ’13 are studying the landscape ecology of the eastern painted turtle (Chrysemys picta picta) with Assistant Professor of Biology Aaron R. Krochmal. The project, now in its third year, uses radiotelemtery to document and quantify the means by which C. picta detect, locate and travel to new aquatic habitats when their home habitats become degraded or dry up. By understanding how aquatic turtles use the terrestrial environment when seeking out new habitats, Dr. Krochmal and his students aim to help wildlife managers and habitat conservationists to make informed land use decisions.Dr. Krochmal and his students hosted interested students and local professionals at their field site at Dupont’s Chesapeake Farms, where guests learned about the project and helped the team collect key data.