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Dr. Kelty Researches Rural Fishers in Bristol Bay, Alaska

The photos in this gallery were taken during data collection in Nushagak, AK that focused on competing resource use, technology, social identities, and place attachment.  Nushagak is one of many small communities in Bristol Bay, Alaska which is the sole remaining sustainable salmon fishery in the world.  For nearly a decade now, Northern Dyansty Mining Corporation has been developing a prospect at the headwaters of the five major salmon rivers in Bristol Bay, known as Pebble Mine. They have not yet officially applied for a permit to extract the valuable metals and minerals located within miles of the headwaters of the five major rivers in this area, but will likely do so in the near future.  While tens of millions have been spent on environmental impact studies by Northern Dynasty as well as public stakeholders, little exists on the effects such a massive project would have on humans. Our research is designed to provide information on the human dimesion of the communities that would be affected by Pebble Mine. This research is done in collaboration with Dr. Ruth Kelty of the National Ocean Service and Fellow with the Center for Environment & Society at Washington College.