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Almost Blue

Almost Blue by Keith Reddin

A Senior Directing Thesis by Harris Allgeier

October 25 & October 26, 2013
8 p.m. • Tawes Theatre, Gibson Center for the Arts

Almost Blue is a stage noir set in a seedy rooming house. A man just out of prison trying to stay straight, a strange loner down the hall who writes pornographic greeting cards, a violent ex-con who wants to settle old scores. And of course, the beautiful woman in trouble, who messes with everybody’s head. Written in a series of brutal, funny encounters, Almost Blue is a journey into the dark night, full of plot twists and sultry exchanges.

Tim Meren ’14 (Phil)
Matt Ridge ’15 (Blue)
Amanda Varvar ’15 (Liz)
Drew Jackson ’14 (Steve) 

Artistic Team:
Harris Allgeier ’14 (Director)
Sydney Sznajder ’14 (Stage Manager)
Charlotte Cugnini ’16 (Assistant Stage Manager)
Victoria Venable ’17 (Assistant Stage Manager)
Austin Lewis ’15 (Scenic Designer)
Phaedra Scott ’14 (Lighting Designer)
Grace Arenas ’14 (Costume Designer)
Nancy Malmquist ’16 (Makeup Consultant)

Photos by Paul W. Gillespie –