George Spilich

Chestertown Tea Party 10 mile run

Every American knows that the patriots of Boston disguised themselves as Indians and threw British tea into Boston Harbor to protest the excessive taxes on tea without the benefit of representation in Parliament  What most Americans don’t know is that when the patriots of Chestertown heard the news about the dust-up in Beantown, they marched straight down High Street to the town dock and after boarding the British bark Geddes, threw the King’s tea right into the Chester River. Unlike their Boston counterparts, however, the Chestertown patriots made no attempt to hide their identity behind a mask. We still have that same pluck today at Washington College, both in the classroom and on the athletic fields. Chestertown is a place where history is alive. We celebrate our patriotic heritage each year in May during the Chestertown Tea Party. There is a reenactment of the ‘tossing of the tea’, a parade by marching bands and soldiers in authentic colonial garb, several blocks full of craft shops, musical events by the score, and a food festival that runs the gamut from crab cakes to ribs, lamb-ka-bobs, fish sandwiches & funnel cakes. Before we tuck in to all that fine food, we have to earn our meal and that is where the race comes in. The Chestertown Tea Party 10 mile race is one of the finest races in the Delmarva area. Each year we field a team of faculty, coaches, students and alumni and every year our team is larger. We each run our own pace. Most importantly, everyone has fun!