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Voyager Recommendation

Applicant: Please send an email containing this link to your chosen faculty/staff members for them to complete.

Evaluator: Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this reference form. The applicant who sent you this link is applying to be a Voyager at Washington College. Voyagers are a select group of students who schedule and conduct visits with alumni to encourage engagement with Washington College. In order to hire the students best suited for this important work we depend on your help in assessing the qualities of the applicants. Please be candid in your evaluation and include any information that you believe will help us select the best candidates.

Note: This evaluation form will be used solely by the Voyager Selection Committee in its selection process and will not become part of the student’s permanent file. Therefore, the information on this form will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the student or any other parties not involved in the selection process.


Direct questions to Valerie Bardhi ’15, Annual Giving Specialist
Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving 

(P) 410.778.8972 | vbardhi2@washcoll.edu