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A Life in Activism: Five Decades of Fighting for Human Rights, a talk by David Mixner

Date: 7:00pm EDT October 14, 2014

Author, political strategist, civil rights activist and public affairs advisor David Mixner blogs on his passions: progressive politics, foreign policy, LGBT rights and wildlife advocacy.

Once named by Newsweek as the most powerful gay man in America, Mixner has been a highly regarded leader in American politics and international human rights for over 40 years. He writes daily from Turkey Hollow, his mountain top home in upstate New York.

Mixner wrote the critically acclaimed memoir Stranger Among Friends and co-wrote Brave Journeys with Dennis Bailey, which topped the Los Angeles Times bestseller list. His screenplay with Richard Burns, Dunes of Overveen, won the Outfest MTV Award for Best New Screenplay. With Dennis Bailey, he co-wrote the screenplay Fire in the Soul and the historical drama Jacob’s Ladder.

Additionally, Mixner has written for TIME, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Advocate and other publications. He was an Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary House on Fire, which highlighted the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the African American community.

Most recently he served as National Chairperson for Representative Richard Gephardt’s campaign for President.  Mixner has participated in over 75 campaigns including Clinton for President, Hart for President, McGovern for President, Bradley for Mayor, and Brown for Governor and Senate.

David has raised over $30 million for candidates and charity organizations, including well over $1 million for openly gay and lesbian candidates across the country.

Coproduced by the Cater Society and the Louis L. Goldstein Program in Public Affairs.