Date: 6:00pm EDT April 2, 2013

“Tales of a Revolution: Bacon’s Rebellion and the Transformation of Early America” lecture by James Rice

Presented by the Guy F. Goodfellow Memorial Lecture Series.

In the spring of 1676 Nathaniel Bacon, a hotheaded young newcomer to Virginia, led a revolt against the colony’s Indian policies. Bacon’s Rebellion turned into a civil war within Virginia–and a war of extermination against the colony’s Indian allies–that lasted into the following winter, sending shock waves throughout the British colonies and into England itself. James Rice offers fresh appraisal of the rebellion, revealing how Indians, English planters and servants, slave traders, and colonial officials were all pulled into an escalating conflict whose outcome, month by month, remained uncertain. The dark, slender Nathaniel Bacon, born into a prominent family, soon earned a reputation in America as imperious, ambitious, and arrogant. But Virginia’s charismatic and powerful governor, William Berkeley, did not foresee how rash and headstrong Nathaniel Bacon could be, nor how adept he would prove to be at both inciting colonists and alienating Indians – let alone how his conflict with the impetuous Bacon would escalate into a battle over the soul of America.


Free and open to the public.


Followed by a book signing.