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Date: 4:00pm EDT October 15, 2019

Kohl Gallery Opening Reception: \\\SIGN SYSTEMS///

An exhibit exploring the mythic, spiritual, and transcendent nature of signs and symbols in art and culture, on view October 15- December 7

Kohl Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition, \\\SIGN SYSTEMS/// on view October 15-December 7.

An Opening Reception will be held on October 15 featuring an in-gallery artist talk with exhibiting artist Corinne Beardsley at 4pm followed by a public reception from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Additional exhibition programming includes a performance by Jordan Deal on November 4 at 4:30pm, a talk by Assistant Professor of Art History, Benjamin C. Tilghman on November 12, at 4:30pm and a visiting artist talk by Hedieh Ilchi on November 18 at 4:30pm, all in Kohl Gallery.

\\\SIGN SYSTEMS/// explores the mythic, spiritual, and transcendent nature of signs and symbols in art and culture, drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of historic time periods and art movements from prehistoric petroglyphs to the present. Featuring works by Corinne Beardsley, Jordan Deal, Kristy Deetz, Hedieh Ilchi, Robin Kang, Linling Lu, Jonathan Sims, and Victor FM Torres, the exhibit offers a glimpse into the ethos of a new generation of contemporary “myth makers.”

Through personalized visual languages artists address subjects related to heritage and identity, sociopolitical and socioeconomic conflict, mortality, our human relationship to the environment, gender and technology, personal and collective transformation, race, power and community. Color, geometry, ancient practices, art historical references, personal mythology, spiritual inquiry, and experimental processes unite to draw the viewer into a series of transcendent visual experiences.

Sign Systems poster