Theatre & Dance

Date: 5:00pm - 7:00pm EST February 18, 2013

Shakespeare Workshop

Led by Louis Butelli and Chas Libretto ‘06:  Psittacus Productions

It is our belief that a large part of a student actor’s trepidation in approaching the plays and roles of William Shakespeare is three-fold:   A perception that there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to approach the work, often based on pre-conceived notions about performing “correctly;”A kind of “literary intimidation,” due to the heightened language;A kind of “performance anxiety,” often based on a student’s prior experience with Shakespeare, in performance or in reading.   This session seeks to address the misperception that there is any such thing as a “right way” or a “wrong way.” Moreover, the session will encourage students to appropriate the language on their own terms, and to explore large, exuberant performance. Utilizing surprisingly simple techniques in text analysis, scansion, physicality, and improvisation, the session teams with students to develop a sense of personal ownership over the works of Shakespeare.

Adaptable to the skill set and experience of students comprising the session, OWNING SHAKESPEARE is a practical 2 two hours including movement, voice work, ensemble exercises, text analysis, and performance. Session will proceed as follows:


  • Intro and Shakespeare background
  • Warmup (physical and vocal)
  • Ensemble building
  • Text analysis: the soliloquy
  • Text analysis: the two-person scene
  • Project assignment (movement, soliloquy, and/or scene)
  • Project rehearsal and coaching
  • Presentation of Project
  • Q&A