Date: 5:30pm EDT October 16

The Intersection of Water Security and Foreign Policy: From Conflict to Cooperation

A Talk by Ambika Vishwanath ’05

Ambika Vishwanath is the Co-Founder and Director of Kubernein Initiative, an India based geopolitical advisory that aims to bridge the gap on issues that require greater intellectual questioning and curiosity. Ambika has lead track two diplomacy efforts and consulted with several governments and international organizations, both in India and around the world at the intersection between transboundary water security and foreign policy. She also works in the space of new emerging concepts of Asian multilateralism and creating a better understanding of the rapidly changing landscape of India. Ambika has been published in several global newspapers, blogs and journals and is a member of the Munich Young Leaders of the Munich Security Conference, Germany. She has a Masters from the American University of Cairo, Egypt and is a member of the Class of 2005, Washington College.