Date: 12:00pm EDT October 18, 2017

Academy of Lifelong Learning, Learn at Lunch: Kristin Saunders

“Bound to Keep a Promise: The Story Behind the Creation of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center, State Park, and National Historic Park.”

Kristin Saunders was the former Assistant Secretary for Land Resources at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. In her presentation, she will give a first hand account of the triumphs and tribulations of making the State and National Park to honor Harriet Tubman. While working at the Department of Natural Resources, Ms. Saunders oversaw and managed public land portfolios, state park systems, and worked closely with Federal, State and local partners to help make the Harriet Tubman project come to life. The reservation deadline is Thursday, October 12th. Tickets for members costs $20 and non-members cost $25. Visit the link below to print out the form to reserve a spot.