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The Rose O'Neill

Literary House

Literary House Series: Under Your Spell—The Psychology of Witches—A Tea and Talk with Dr. Cristina Casado Presa

Date: 4:30pm EDT October 31, 2017

Join us for a very special Halloween Tea and Talk with Dr. Casado Presa as we discuss Witches!

Cristina Casado Presa is Associate Professor of Spanish, Chair of the Modern Languages Department, and Director of the Gender Studies Program at Washington College, where she teaches all levels of Spanish.  She also teaches courses on contemporary literature of Spain; representations of the Spanish Civil War; female writers after Franco’s death; contemporary Spanish theater, and witches, ghosts, and vampires. She is an expert in twentieth and twenty-first century literature and culture of Spain, and focuses her research on women writers and representations of witchcraft in literature and culture. Some of her publications on those subjects are: “The Witch as a Power Paradigm in Two Contemporary Spanish Dramas” published in Monographic Review, “Silence as a Conflict in a Drama by Pilar Pombo” published in Letras Femeninas, and “Mother -Daughter Relationships in Contemporary Spanish Theater” in the volume The Changing Spanish Family: Essays on New Views in Literature, Cinema and Theater. Currently she is working in a book project dedicated to the figure of the witch in contemporary Spanish literature.