Date: 12:00pm EST January 23, 2013

WCAll Learn at Lunch: “Real Food: What We Can Learn about Diet from Prehistoric Foodways”

Talk by Washington College professor Dr. Bill Schindler.

The relationship between humans and food is inseparable from practically
all aspects of life. In addition to meeting the needs of our daily nutritional
requirements, food is a focal point of ceremonies, holidays, celebrations,
the manner in which we cope with stress, etc. this relationship is so
uniquely human that researchers believe that it may be the very thing
which truly separate us from the rest of animal world. Recently,
however, we have all become participants in the modern Western
industrial food system. This system, which bears no resemblance
to the way we ate in the past, has effectively and purposefully
distanced us from our food source.

This presentation will attempt to correct this gap in our understanding
by outlining the most current information on prehistoric foodways and
highlighting major milestones in our dietary past.

Buffet Lunch, Members $15, Non-members $20