Date: 12:00pm EDT March 22, 2017

Seeing News and Current History

Presented by Washington College Academy of Lifelong Learning.

Whether you look at them on paper or online, today’s news photography can be telling, compelling or shocking. Behind these photographs usually is pain, disappointment, exploitation and misery – and that’s just the reactions of the photojournalists who captured the images. Neal will, with photos selected to portray the challenges news photographers meet, give you the back story behind the commitment and sacrifice by the people around the world who capture the images we see daily and which bring the events of the world into our lives. He promises, if not to keep you spellbound, to at least help you understand how photojournalists everywhere risk their lives every day so you can comprehend the events of the world. (NOTE: Some images may be graphic; if you feel you may be overly affected, please consider your attendance carefully.) Reservation deadline is Thursday, March 16, 2017. Please see the link on the left to download the form.