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Environment & Society

The New Face of Farm to Table: Insects on the Menu

Date: 7:00pm EST February 15, 2017 - 9:00pm February 17, 2017

A three-day series of the sustainability of insects as food and more!

This series of events will look at entomophagy, the eating of insects, starting with a global perspective and ending with an opportunity to entice your own taste buds and learn about the operation of growing insects for human consumption. The New Face of Farm to Table: Insects on the Menu series will include two documentary screenings, a sustainable food cooking competition and a lecture by Jarrod Goldin, owner of Entomo Farms. This series will open up a wealth of knowledge on the changing face of farm to table and the value that bugs have as food. The nutritional benefits, not to mention the environmental benefits, of eating insects is a no brainer. Let us help you learn to get over the “ew.”


All events are open to the public and free unless noted otherwise* 


Schedule of Events:


Wednesday, February 15

Documentary Screening: Bugs: A Gastronomic Adventure with Nordic Food Lab

Location: Norman James Theater 

Time: 7 pm


Thursday, February 16

Documentary Screening: Bugs on the Menu

Location: Norman James Theater 

Time: 7 pm


Friday, February 17

Insect Cooking Competition and Cricket Tacos*

Location: Dining Hall, Hodson Commons

Time: 4:30-6:30 pm

3 or 4 teams will compete for a special off-campus dining experience sponsored by the McLain Program. 

*Dinner in the dining hall will be open to the public at a charge of $11.75/person

Entomo Farms and The Emerging World of the Incredible Edible Insect

Public Talk by Jarrod Goldin, President of Entomo Farms

Location: Hynson Lounge, Hodson Hall

Time: 7 pm


This series is sponsored by the Center for Environment & Society, the Eastern Shore Food Lab, Washington College Dining Services, McLain Program, the Department of Environmental Science and Studies, the Student Environmental Alliance, the Iota Chapter of Kappa Alpha Omicron, & William James Forum.