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Goldstein Program in Public Affairs

Date: 7:00pm EST February 7, 2017

Global Security Challenges to the US and the World

Moderator Dr. Muqtedar Khan and international scholars and experts of national security and international relations from five different countries will explore security challenges to the global order, as well as their own regions.

Are there regional arrangements emerging to address these challenges? What can the United States do to face these new challenges? Does the world expect a significant change in US policy with change of administration in Washington? Finally, the panelists will make recommendations for the new Trump administration.

Moderated By:

Dr. Muqtedar Khan (USA), Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Delaware.   


Dr. Raffaele Marchetti (Italy), Senior Assistant Professor in International Relations, LUISS. 

Dr. Jessica De Alba Ulloa (Mexico), Researcher-Professor, School of Global Studies, Universidad Anahuac México. 

Dr. Yahya Alzahrani (Saudi Arabia), Naif University for Security Science, Assistant Professor, College of Strategic Sciences, Naif Arab University for Security Science (NAUSS). 

Dr. Ishani Naskar (India), Associate Professor, Political Science, Rabindra Bharati University.

Mr. Chester Cabalza (Philippines), Associate Professor, National Defense College of the Philippines.