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Keep Calm and Capstone.

Keep Calm and Capstone.

Only 27%—less than 1/3—of the top 103 liberal arts colleges in the US have equivalents to the Washington College Senior Capstone Experience, enabling every single graduate the chance to work one-on-one with a faculty member, who mentors them through a major research project or artistic production.

This independent Senior Capstone Experience in their discipline is the culmination of their intellectual journey.

We mentor our students so they can become ready for this challenge, integrating preparation for the SCE into our curriculum.

Overwhelmingly, Washington College faculty say that the following skills that employers seek are “Extremely important” to successful completion of an SCE:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Synthesizing information and constructing an argument
  • Work ethic and initiative
  • Written communication skills
  • Research Skills
  • Time management and long-term planning


  • Brain Power

    For his senior capstone project, Josh Samuels ’19, a double major in psychology and biology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience, investigates physical exercise as an organic relief for depression.

  • For her senior capstone project, Kiran Pant ’18, a physics major headed to Duke University’s graduate program in medical physics, is simulating the behavior of a proton beam as it enters the body.
  • For her senior capstone project, psychology major Sabrina Carroll ’18 surveyed students’ attitudes and perceptions of behavioral health on campus and conducted eight in-depth interviews. Her findings may help the College alleviate the stigma associated with psychological disorders and get more students the help they need.

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