Presentation Schedule

Each semester, students present their research findings to the Cater Society. These presentations are also open to the greater Washington College community.

Fall 2019 Schedule

September 5th (7pm):

  • Jeannie Saoirse - In Other Words: Colonialism and Power Dynamics in Literary Translation Praxis
  • Rebecca Kanaskie - Editing and Publishing Internship at the Jackson Hole Daily

September 19th (7pm):

  • Alexandra Lee - Bermuda as a Natural Laboratory for Marine Plastics
  • Nicole Certesio - Preserving Tradition through Geographical Indicators

October 3rd (7pm):

  • Abigail Burnett - Sparkling Surfaces: Beading Unusual Surfaces
  • Yisi Liu - Study Abroad Larisa Okshewsky - Using eDNA to Determine the Biodiversity of Fish in Bermuda

October 17th (4:30-6pm), Poster Presentations in Toll Atrium:

  • Haley Wilt - Crystallization of a non-ligand bound Riboswitch
  • Felicia Attor - Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Flavonoids in Anti-Aging Pathways of Yeast
  • Yue Sun - Entrepreneurship in Singapore
  • Allison Gallagher - Structural Studies of a MIF Mutant Directly Linked to Cancer
  • Samantha Howell - Degree of Variability in “Mixed – Race” Definition Across the Country
  • Emily Rugg - Community Attitudes and Perception of Rising Sea-Levels and Managed Retreat Policy in Coastal Maryland
  • Gaviota Quinones - Women and Indigenous: Gendered activism in Chiapas, Mexico

November 7th (7pm):

  • Felicia Attor - Analyzing the Quality and Accessibility of Healthcare in Thailand under the Universal Coverage Scheme while serving as a clinical intern in a rural district hospital
  • Bethany Ford - Financial Independence for Women in Rural India
  • Arianna Hall - The Effects of “K-Culture” as a Global Phenomenon on South Korean Politics and Artists

November 14th (7pm): Apprentice/mentor presentations