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    Workshop Descriptions

    A whole chicken is the perfect size to learn the basics of whole animal butchery. This “comb to claw” approach will provide you with the ability to make the most of your chicken. Using every part of the chicken makes sense on every level – from nutritional to ethical to economical. When one chicken can provide three meals instead of one suddenly a free-range organic chicken doesn’t seem that expensive after all!

    Learn the basics of lacto-fermenting vegetables, preserving pickles in brine, making kombucha, and creating classic dairy products including kefir and yogurt. Taught by Shane Brill and Eden Kloetzli.

    By starting with whole pork and working our way through the complete process of making bacon we end up with a tastier, healthier, and more exciting version of our favorite meat snack. Taught by Dr. Bill Schindler.

    Mozzarella cheese as we know it is being assaulted by the modern food industry into a shortcut product that is nothing like its traditional form. The consequences are much more than a lack of flavor and character. Our body deals with these imposters in completely different ways than it does with real cheese. Learn how to make mozzarella and a variety of other pasta filata, or stretched curd cheeses, entirely from scratch - and best of all, it is a process that can be replicated in your own home kitchen! Taught by Dr. Bill Schindler.

    In stark contrast to store bought tortillas, real tortillas have ONE ingredient…maize. Most importantly, the process of nixtamalization chemically and physically transforms the maize into the most bioavailable form possible for the human body. Best of all, it can easily be done in your own kitchen! Come learn this ancient practice and how to create the most nutritious and delicious tortillas possible.

    The most nutritious parts of animals are the least familiar to modern industrial cuisine. Learn a nose-to-tail approach to appreciate and honor animals to the fullest extent in a healthy human diet. Taught by Dr. Bill Schindler.

    For thousands of years, milk has been transformed through fermentation into a multitude of foods including butter and buttermilk, kefir, yogurt, and cheese. These processes increased nutrient density and bioavailability, created digestibility and safety, and unlocked an incredible array of flavors and textures! This introductory course will cover the basics of dairy fermentation in a way that empowers you to begin to create your own fermented butter, kefir, yogurt and cheese and home!

    Join us for a start to finish approach to baking hand-built, real, traditional sourdough bread. Long, slow fermentation transforms difficult, and frankly, dangerous to digest grains into nutrient dense, bioavailable, delicious bread. This introductory course will cover the entire process from harnessing hyper-local bacteria and yeast to start your mother culture all the way through to scoring and baking successful loaves in your home oven. This course is the only thing standing between you and the ability bake incredible loaves of bread at will for your family. Taught by Dr. Bill Schindler.

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