Support health and enhance flavor with this essential nutrient.

Salt is the only rock that humans need to eat. Our taste for it comes from an evolutionary requirement.

All life evolved from a saline ocean. The blood that courses through our veins takes its cue from those ancient conditions. Salt helps to regulate fluid levels in the body and supports the healthy functioning of organs and muscles.

While salt enhances flavor, our bodies also find salt unappetizing when we’ve consumed too much. Because processed food manufacturers combine sodium with sugar to make hyperpalatable products, it has been blamed for modern diseases caused by the sweet stuff.

Beneficial ways to consume salt include in fermented foods, preparing natural foods, and in drawing out the rich flavors of bone broth.

Salt is so vital to human health that it is the first ingredient we acquired with the Food Initiative.

Recommended Salts

Use non-iodized salt with minimum exposure to microplastics, such as Himalayan salt, Redmond’s real salt, or Celtic sea salt.

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Recommended Book

The Salt Fix by James DiNicolantonio

SaltKeep a small bowl of salt on the counter for easy access!

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