timeframe: 1–2 weeksAny crunchy vegetable can be lacto-fermented, or pickled in brine.


  • 2 pounds carrots, peeled
  • 3 tablespoons kosher or sea salt (non‐iodized)
  • optional: 1 sprig of fresh thyme, 2 bay leaves, or any other desired herbs


  • large mixing bowl for brine
  • mason jars
  • fermentation weight


  1. Cut the carrots into bite-sized spears, no wider than about 1 inch.
  2. Dissolve the salt in 4 cups water. This makes about a 2% brine.
  3. Pack the carrots and herbs into mason jars and pour brine over them.
  4. Ensure that the carrots are completely submerged, and weigh down if necessary with a fermentation weight. Exposure to air will result in mold.

    What’s a fermentation weight? It could be leftover brine poured in a bag, a silicone baking cup, a cabbage leaf, a small jar, or any culinary object.

  5. Place the jars on the countertop out of direct sunlight for 3-4 days, or up to two weeks.
  6. Once the carrots are soured to your liking, place in the refrigerator to slow fermenting. Eat within two weeks.