The tanginess of kefir combines well with seasonal berries when blended into smoothies. If using spinach or other plants high in oxalates, we believe the calcium from the milk combined with the lactic acid will make the foods safer to consume.

Overnight Soaked Oats

Phytic acid is a compound in seeds that binds to minerals including iron, zinc and calcium. It impairs our absorption of these nutrients in foods, and can withdraw them from our bones. Oats are especially high in this antinutrient and have been shown to promote cavities.

Soaking oats overnight in kefir helps to reduce the phytic acid, making the oats safer to consume.

  • Mix together ½ cup oats with ½ cup kefir in a mason jar. Make sure the oats are fully saturated.
  • Blend in flavorings such as berries or nut butters (in moderation).
  • Refrigerate overnight, then enjoy the following day.

Kefir Cheese

Line a colander with 2-3 layers of cheesecloth (or a tea towel, coffee filter, or du-rag). Gently pour kefir into lined colander. The liquid that drains out is whey, which can be used in other recipes. Twist the ends of cheesecloth and hang over a covered bowl for a more solid spreadable cheese. To make:

  • A probiotic frosting: add raw honey to taste.
  • A dip or spread: add salt and herbs to taste.
  • Shanklish (savory cheese balls): add salt to taste, then strain once more through a cheesecloth to remove additional whey. Roll into balls 1-2" diameter, and dust with a savory herb blend (i.e. oregano, chili, paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cloves). Stack balls gently in a wide-mouth mason jar and fill with olive oil.


Whey is highly acidic and full of beneficial bacteria. It can be:

  • made into ricotta cheese or sipped as a health tonic
  • fed as a mineral-rich treat to backyard chickens
  • used to accelerate vegetable fermentation or revive a sluggish sourdough mother
  • used to reduce oxalate levels in plants through maceration
  • used in the garden as a soil amendment and a natural fungicide on fruit trees and herbs

Kefir cheese is a versatile probiotic dairy ferment that can substitute for cream cheese or sour cream in recipes.Kefir cheese is a versatile probiotic dairy ferment that can substitute for cream cheese or sour cream in recipes.