Honor Animal Life

    Follow a nose-to-tail approach to eating.

    Behind every neatly packaged grocery store steak is an entire cow, most parts of which go unconsumed. To honor the lives of the animals we raise for consumption, consider adopting nose-to-tail dietary practices.

    “Nose to tail” is an approach to carnivory that minimizes waste and maximizes output from each animal. Practiced for reasons ranging from spirituality to sustainability, eating everything from the nose to the tail ensures the resources put towards rearing each animal — and the life of the animal itself — were not expended in vain.

    There is also a health benefit to consuming the less-common meat products. Organ meats and bone marrow are high in B vitamins and iron, while skin and cartilage are a rich source of collagen and minerals. Animal fats provide energy and a means of assimilating fat-soluble vitamins from food.

    Try liver pâté and bone broth as simple, nutrient-dense dishes to incorporate more unconventional animal products into your diet!

    Honor animal life

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