Fat Forward

    Healthy fats sustained our human ancestors through a series of ice ages and enabled our species to thrive. This fall, the Eastern Shore Food Lab invites you to rethink your relationship with fat.

    Why Fat?

    Fat is a sustainable, clean source of energy that supports metabolic health. In the past several decades, marketing campaigns and dietary guidelines have led to public confusion about appropriate fats for human consumption. Traditional fats are deeply nourishing and energizing. Inflammatory seed oils are economically cheap but environmentally costly, and they are linked to chronic disease.

    Upskill with the ESFL

    Get started by watching our Mastering the Basics video to learn how to make delicious salad dressings, cured egg yolks, and mayonnaise, as well as use of tallow for high temperature cooking. Level up with Chips and Guac, Crème Fraîche, and Ghee

    November 2020 Fat Tuesday Program 

    November 3 @ 12pm

    Join CES Center Coordinator and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Jamie Frees Miller ’12 for a livestream discussion of how saturated fats support a healthy lifestyle, and see her demo a fat bomb recipe to provide sustained energy and nourishment.

    November 10 @ 12pm

    Join ESFL Assistant Director Shane Brill ’03 M’11 for a livestream discussion about sustainable human energy, expanding on the context of the film Fat Fiction. Learn how eating appropriate fats supports environmental resilience.

    November 17 @ 12pm

    Join ESFL Center Director Dr. Bill Schindler for a livestream discussion about The Big Fat Surprise, and the importance of evidence-based dietary guidelines for social equity and personal vitality.

    Recommended Media

    The Big Fat SurpriseLearn about the forces that shifted dietary guidelines away from traditional human foods.

    Fat FictionWatch the film Fat Fiction.