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Sedum acre - Gold Moss Sedum

Sedum acre - Gold Moss Sedum

Gold moss sedum is a rock-loving, beautiful groundcover, which also has some edible and medicinal functions.

Common Name: Gold moss sedum (also known as common stonecrop and goldmoss sedum)

Scientific Name: Sedum acre

Plant Family: Crassulaceae

Identification: This plant is succulent and evergreen. Leaves are short, blunt, and conical. Flowers are tiny, yellow, and star shaped.

Meaning of Scientific Name: Sedum stems from sedeo (Latin), meaning to sit and acre refers to the acrid taste

Primary Uses

Edible Parts: Leaves are edible, but taste acrid. Sedum acretolerates harsh conditions and is therefore often a survival plant. Eat with caution, though, as large quantities may upset your stomach. Alternately, dry the leaves and grind into a powder to obtain a pepper-like spice.

**Eat with caution, as some sources say that Sedum acre has some toxicity**

Medicinal Uses: Best used externally, goldmoss sedum can be made into a poultice to treat corns and boils, and potentially rashes and burns. It may also irritate the skin, so use with caution.

Designing with this Plant

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-11

Forest garden layer: Groundcover. Grows in sunny, dry, rocky locations, does not like acidic soil.