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Rubus allegheniensis - Blackberry

Rubus allegheniensis - Blackberry

A few cultivars of blackberries appear around the garden, including a ‘fall gold’ cultivar that produces golden blackberries. Prolific producers, blackberries grow in dedicated beds between the aronia edge and the rain garden, as well as in the berry berm and the east entrance garden by the Kentucky coffeetree.  

Common Name: Alleghany Blackberry

Scientific Name:  Rubus allegheniensis

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Primary Uses

Edible Parts: Berries can be consumed raw or cooked in a variety of ways.  Shoots can be peeled and consumed raw.

Medicinal Uses: The leaves and roots are believed to have various medicinal values.  These can be used to relieve many ailments including dysentery.  

Meaning of Scientific Name: The scientific name for this plant arises from the Latin word Rubus meaning “blackberry” and allegheniensis identifies the region of North America.  

Designing with this Plant

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-6

Forest garden layer: This shrub should be planted in woodland and upland areas, and can survive in various levels of sunlight.