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Gaylussacia baccata - Black Huckleberry

Gaylussacia baccata - Black Huckleberry

Like Mark Twain’s famous literary character, huckleberry is difficult to domesticate. The berries are delicious to humans, and wildlife rely on them as a food source as well!

Common Name: Black huckleberry

Scientific Name: Gaylussacia baccata

Plant Family: Ericaceae

Identification: Dark berries, alternate leaves that are shiny and green, bell-shaped flowers

Primary Uses

Edible Parts: Berries: can flavor cornbread or biscuits, mix into desserts, eat fresh, or dry and grind to mix into flours

Medicinal Uses: Infusion of leaves and bark used against dysentery

Meaning of Scientific Name: Gaylussacia: named after Joseph Gay-Lussac, a chemist and physicist (Gay-Lussac’s Law!), baccata: with a berry-like fruit

Designing with this Plant

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-7

Forest garden layer: Shrub, dry to moist soil, sun to semi-shade, acidic soil