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Chamaemelum nobile - Chamomile

Chamaemelum nobile - Chamomile

Common Name: Chamomile

Scientific Name:  Chamaemelum nobile

Plant Family: Asteraceae (Daisy Family)

Primary Uses

Edible Parts: 

  • young plants 
  • flowers(most common)
    • used most often in teas or used for a mild flavor

Medicinal Uses:

  • aids in digestion
  • mitigates insomnia or sleep issues
    • common ingredient found in “sleepy time” teas
  • some research suggests that chamomile helps those with depression and anxiety

Chamomile is also used in lotions to relive pain

Meaning of Scientific Name:

  • Chamomile: greek for earth apple
  • Nobile: Nobel 


Designing with this Plant

USDA Hardiness Zones: 4-8

Forest garden layer: Herbaceous


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