The Big Fat Fix

    This 2016 documentary illustrates how lifestyle changes can improve our quality of life and overall health. In a world where obesity is a global epidemic, we need to approach our health holistically and thoughtfully. For years, our diets have been influenced by big food industries and marketing schemes, but it's time to listen to our bodies and reconnect with our food. The Big Fat Fix encourages mindful eating, restorative sleeping habits, and resistance training to improve and optimize health. 

    In The Big Fat Fix, the documentarian goes on a health journey where he learns how to eat, exercise, and manage stress most optimally. Eating quality fats and avoiding processed foods is essential for creating a healthy and sustainable diet. An optimal exercise routine includes one that improves posture, balance, strength, and breath. These exercises take little time and include high-intensity training. 

    At the Eastern Shore Food Lab, we promote healthy habits and practices that influence both your physical and mental health. Through food, we experience a sense of community and wellness as we reconnect with our traditional ways of eating.

     Nicole Hatfield 

    The Big Fat Fix 

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